Fresh thinking for food brands that want to stand out*

*Now cooking: irresistible ideas

We’re here for brands who want to be noticed, chosen and loved. We’re proud FMCG & QSR experts, category-definers, problem-solvers and shameless foodies with an insatiable appetite for great ideas. Our team is made of insight-driven strategists, design experts, storytellers, the curious and the confident. We’re here to be an extension of your team, to simplify your process while helping your brand stand out – from shelf to screen, box to billboard and beyond.

Some top brands we’ve worked with:
  • woolworth
  • starlight
  • inghams
  • oporto
  • kelloggs
  • smiths
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We craft game-changing, flavour-packed food brands*

*Get ready to dig in

It’s a bit of a secret recipe, brewed from years of experience and choosing the finest ingredients (our people). These are the foundations for how we kick ass. It’s what makes us brand and digital whizzes. It’s how we nail it all – from strategy to design to category-defining campaigns.

But the thing that makes us undeniable experts? It goes beyond what we do, it’s what we know. And we are proud to say we bring in-depth knowledge and meaty insights. From FMCG to QSRs, foodservice to retail, our knowledge is deep and rich. We’ve partnered with local startups, international franchises and globally-recognised organisations, so there’s nothing too big or small we can’t take on.

When it comes to the intersection between food and marketing, we’re the people who’ll have your audience coming back for second (and third) helpings.

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What we’re bloody good at*

*Aside from finding the best eats
Taking your brand online

We meet your audience where they’re already spending time: on the internet watching capybara videos. We understand this ever-evolving and dynamic space, and our digital ninjas utilise cutting-edge technology to create strategies that incorporate an omnichannel approach. The results? Consistent messaging, visuals and brand positioning that delivers a seamless, unified brand experience no matter which platform your audience sees you on.

Standing out in the real world

From the fresh and tempting tell-me-more brand campaigns to awe-inspiring advertising and media, our team of creatives design drool-worthy communications that balance brand truths with human truths to connect, compel and drive action.

Getting you seen, heard and remembered

Marketing - it’s about connecting with your audience at the right place and the right time, and we love ticking those boxes. Our strategies are crafted based on meaningful data, research, and industry knowledge plus workshops to better understand your audience. Like sinking into a deliciously layered trifle, we dig deeper and savour each component to deliver relevant marketing solutions, within budget.

  • Strategy & marketing frameworks
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Social media & marketing
  • Digital & content strategy
  • Digital advertising
  • Brand Journey
  • Message mapping
  • Brand creation & renovation
  • Packaging design
  • Brand Assets & Style Guides
  • Creative design
  • Art direction
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Web development
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • SEO & SEM
  • Influencer marketing

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Content Creation


Brand Revitalisation




CX Journey


Brand Creation

The brains behind your stellar branding*

*A team of weird, wonderful and hungry
Drew Ridley
Drew Ridley
Creator of Opportunities

Drew once mistakenly went shopping on an empty stomach and is now the proud owner of aisle 3. He also believes you can tell a lot about someone’s life by catching a glimpse of their trolley which is why we never let him go shopping with us. A regular 9 to 5 for Drew involves plenty of high-level thinking but outside work is when he ponders the big questions, like: why his dog, Mando, stands on his tummy when he’s lying down? Why can’t we take our pets EVERYWHERE? And how can he get his hands on more Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Answers welcomed.

Tim Lawrence
Tim Lawrence
Pantone Connoisseur

Most of Tim’s favourite things begin with T – tea, tennis, Terry Pratchett and teeing off. Coincidence? We think not. Aside from being a T-devotee, he’s also a keen nature photographer, part-time nunchuck guru, sandwich expert, food blogger and qualified fitness instructor. Talk about teeming with talent! PS. if you’re out dining with Tim, you’ll witness him shamelessly getting the perfect foodie shot for the ‘gram. We suggest holding off on that first bite.

Jo Dickison
Jo Dickison
Governor of Aesthetics

Jo makes all (yes, we said all) her grocery purchase decisions based solely on how cool the packaging is. Despite being drawn to the surface of brands in-store, Jo is quite like a nesting doll. When you think you know everything about her – pop – here's another layer. Designer, Swing Dancer, Vinyl DJ, Cosplay enthusiast and accidental hand model, this multi-talented creative may or may not have a ludicrously large record collection. Jo believes in living in the moment and having a laugh every day, except when someone’s crossed her path with a leaf blower, or god forbid, uses Comic Sans.

Lizy de los Santos
Lizy de los Santos
Choreographer of Standout Design

There are no pictures of Lizy with her eyes open. Okay, except for this one. But this isn’t the only skill Lizy is blessed with. An ex-national ballroom dancer and kickass designer, her career began back in London in brand and packaging before working with fancy pants luxury brands. Outside design and dancing, Lizy can often be found picking up new lush, leafy plants to curate the perfect urban jungle. When not admiring her latest Fiddle Leaf Fig or Philodendron, she likes long walks, catching sunrises and stargazing in the middle of nowhere. Lizy’s imaginative mind also enjoys cooking up new campaign ideas every time she tastes a new dish! Ask her about her latest piece on Deconstructed Salmon Sushi Bowls!

Katie Reeves
Katie Reeves
Chief Schmoozer

Katie has been dubbed our in-house solution specialist. Naturally imaginative with an ability to proactively problem-solve, this left and right brainer may be our Account Service Lead but outside the office, she unleashes her creative genius in the form of interior decorating and garden design. A self-proclaimed ‘salad maestro’, she enjoys whipping up deliciousness – from decadent cacao smoothies to a barbecued seafood feast featuring a spread of greens you’ll want to devour. There are some things that keep Katie up at night though - they include the relentless leaves falling on her lush lawn and scrolling to find the perfect knife and cookware set – recommendations welcomed.

Rachel Gorman
Rachel Gorman
Creator of the Arty Crafty

Rachel wakes up and vacuums. We’re not even kidding. With four pets in her home family zoo (yes, you can ask for pictures), we’re surprised she’s not completely covered in fur. Outside the world of pretty pictures and packaging design, Rachel is a wellness warrior who is obsessed with low-toxin living, organic products, mindfulness and meditation. When shopping, she’s drawn to crafted packaging that’s sustainable and earth-friendly. Her other, completely unrelated obsession, is Seinfeld.

Elin Olsen
Elin Olsen
Seeker of Solutions

Elin likes figuring things out, including plot twists in TV shows and how to make the perfect 5-minute Mi Goreng. With a background in print, design, video and client service she brings a unique skillset as an all rounder and thrives on getting stuff done. When she’s not at her desk, Elin spends more than a normal amount of time dreaming of snowy mountains and campervan holidays or pondering how long she’d last in an apocalypse (it’s not good news…). You can also find her running, camping, or yelling at an easy peel pack that’s not peelable at all.

Jules Ridley
Jules Ridley
Girl Friday & Master of Coin

Jules helps us get shit done. This magnificent multitasker works out all the behind-the-scenes and nitty gritty details so we can deliver magic for our clients. When not juggling multiple hats, you can find her by the fruit and veg aisles, carefully selecting fresh ingredients for her next big cook up or resisting temptation in the savoury snack section. If she had to give a TED Talk, it would be on ‘Why Everyone Needs a To-Do List’.

Shae Boyer
Shae Boyer
Social Superstar

Shae calls her plants her first children but don’t tell her two little girls that. Kind, full of ideas and hilarious quips, she thanks the TV gods for ABC Kids and can sometimes be found hugging her coffee machine. A proud mum and stellar Social & Digital Manager who’s worked on brands down under and beyond. She brings plenty of insights while keeping us up to date with what’s trending including the latest TikTok recipes, she’s tempted to try. Shae also claims to be really good at making the perfect soft-boiled egg. It’s the kind that causes eggy envy and would win at a Sprout ‘egg off’ (not something we do but we wouldn’t be opposed to the idea).

We’re jutst a bit different*

*And we’re proud to own it

You may have noticed by now that we’re no stuffy agency. We take our work very seriously but ourselves? Not so much. And it all stems from a few things we all agree on. Some call them ‘values’ or their ‘North Star’. For us, it’s our guide on being the damn best humans we can.

Think outside the cardboard box

We approach each task with a fresh perspective. We ask the curly questions. Brainstorm like mad. And think aloud. We find answers in unexpected places, including the fridge.

Onwards and upwards

We push ourselves to learn new things every day. Why? So we can be the best bloody branding business in town. Without this drive, we wouldn’t be who we are, or capable of doing what we do.

Plain-talking meets humility

We’ll say it as it is and admit it if we don’t know the answers. The truth is, we believe if we respect each other and say what we mean, we’ll get on better and things will work smoother.

There’s no ‘I’ in team

We share ideas and opinions freely. And we’re hellbent on creating a culture where everyone can buy in. The outcome? A fun, friendly and fruitful environment.

Fun is in our DNA

We probably spend more time cracking jokes than we should. And belly laughing at our own ideas. We believe it’s okay to break the corporate rules, and to actually enjoy working with your team.

Making less of an impact*

*On the environment that is

While we’re all about standing out and making an impact on shelf, when it comes to Lady Earth, we take a different approach. We like to think about how we can continuously improve our processes and create a better business model that’s far more sustainable for you, for us and for the planet.

Here are a few ways we’re making a change - *cue ‘Man in the Mirror’:

The Satellite Model

a.k.a Work from home. It’s easy, it’s comfy and it reduces travel requirements which in turn lowers our carbon footprint. Plus, you get that extra hour of snooze. WIN!

Remote Technologies

Approve a photoshoot while grabbing lunch. Join a workshop from your couch. Host a brainstorm without having to check if the meeting rooms are all booked. Remote technologies mean less physical attendance and higher productivity. At Sprout, we currently have live and shared document approvals for product shoots, virtual workshops and brainstorms.

Going paperless

Wave goodbye to stacks of printouts sitting guiltily on your desk. With colour accurate monitors and electronic signatures, there’s no need for hard copies and paper waste, plus it reduces courier costs!

Fresh, juicy ideas start here*

*Drop us a line and let’s make it happen.
Prefer talking over typing?

Give Drew, our COO
(Creator of Opportunities)
a buzz on 0409 995 373 anytime*.

*Well, not at three in the morning, please and thank you.

Where are we based?

In the comfort of our own homes, in and around Sydney, Australia.

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